Mission Statement

Ah, the eternal question – why am I here?? Not in a metaphysical sense, but why am I writing yet another blog site??? Honestly – no idea. Except there comes a time when every man feels the need to create, and following the example of a friend, this is the medium I chose. I have no set theme, no hidden agenda, – hell, let me know what floats your boat and I’ll blog about it for you, providing it creates honest discourse (not diss-course) and an exchange of views… knowledge is power, power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely, ergo knowledge=corruption….. google POLITICS for details… so come on people, corrupt me!!!

The swanky header bar on the Home page allows you to scroll through posts I have pinned – either because I think they are worth featuring, or because they are some of the posts YOU have loved the most. But please, make use of the archive button on the right to look back through a whole host of bitter, twisted cynicism – why limit yourself to just a selection of my unbalanced mental ramblings??! As for what you will find within – well, fair warning and all, some of my content is very much Not Safe For Work – this statement acts as a brief barrier between the delicate sensibilities of my clean-living, virtuous readers and the vile outbursts I am famed for!! From here on in though, you have only yourselves to blame!! Have fun and please, be encouraged to leave me feedback, comments or death threats as usual. And Steven Seagal fans – GET OVER IT!!!!! Jeeesh….movie theatre squirt


4 comments on “Mission Statement

  1. loved you rant on music , very well writen and to the point , what are your views on the goverments new propossed voting system ???


    • Thanks for your kind words, my wise and venerable friend, I can hardly see for all the smoke you have just blown up my backside…..
      As you well know I think political discussion is a dangerous minefield…but for you I may just drive the Mineflailing Tank of my Lack of Concern over that one for you in the future… you never know where the Assassin will strike next!! Stay Safe, Ya Freak.


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