The Emperor’s New Clothes

I’ve been away a long time. A year, in fact. But sadly for all of YOU, I’ve kind of got the blogging bug again, and will be posting again soon. In the meantime, while I get back in the well-worn saddle, I’ve given the blog a make-over, hopefully making it easier for you to find older content and favourite articles. This is very much in its infancy though, so if you find anything awkward or just plain broken, let me know and I’ll fix it if and when I feel like it 😉

The posh new header bar above (hopefully) allows you to scroll through some featured posts – let me know if any favourites are missing and I’ll see about pinning them up there. Also don’t forget that my full back catalogue (oo – get me!!) is available via the Archives in the sidebar. You can also follow the Facebook page there, and subscribe, and all that other fancy jazz! New articles will be forthcoming shortly (I have a new book to plug – brother’s gotta eat, yo!) but in the meantime, I thank each and every one of my 3 readers for sticking around, if only hoping to catch a glimpse of my untimely demise. Stay with me, you may get your wish yet!!

Love, Peace and Hair Grease,
The Assassin.

attempted murder

By socialassassin

2 comments on “The Emperor’s New Clothes

  1. I’m gonna reserve judgment for the moment and go ahead and believe it when I see it. You’ve burned me before with this “I’m back” propaganda, my good sir. So, for the moment, I’ll remain cautiously optimistic. VERY cautiously. :p

    (Oh, and welcome back). 😉

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  2. Thanks Misty – no promises, no pack drill. We’ll see how fast the content comes this time – for now, there’s much housekeeping to be done and things to be tied off on other projects so I’ll make no bold statements. Do let me know what you think of the new layout though – and thanks, it’s good to be (kind of) back!!……


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