The Usual Suspects

A quick fun blog today, inspired by my good friend Tazer Warrior Princess. Her blog, here, was a quirky exercise with the mighty Google search engine, where she wrote a list of words and put them through a random word generator and Googled the results for images. In the comments section it was mentioned that other bloggers might do their own random word list and link the blogs to each other. If you blog and you want to try this there are random word generators on the internet – just write your list of chosen words, randomise and go for it!!

I, however, am proudly British, and as a nation we take an almost visceral pride in being bloody minded just for the sake of it – Stubbornness is an official national sport. So instead of doing that, I’m going to do this thing my way. I was too lazy unfortunately much too busy to make up the random word thing …….. So I just Googled the names of the blogs in my bloglist, and searched for images. My only self-imposed rules were that the image I selected had to be from the first page of the search results, and that it could not be an image from the actual blog itself. Here then before you I present what I found when I Googled … THE USUAL SUSPECTS!!

  • “Jen” e sais quoi

    Jen just got a new sideline teaching others to shake their funky thing, or some such, so I hope she'll appreciate this - it was the very first image to come up.

  • A Yellow Brick Blog

    Kirstie's a bit of a fashion and pop-culture icon, and this image was called 'bits of breezy', which I thought summed her up pretty well 🙂

  • Absolute eloquence and sh*t

    Feryx, you owned this one. Every image from page one, and most of page two, was from your blog - go you!! Have some Eddie from Iron Maiden instead.

  • beccasprettysurethat

    Becca had this sewn up tight too, except for this image which is actually from Misty's blog - more there in a moment. Ironically, it's somewhat fitting of her devastating delivery 😉

  • Bexstar

    Ignore the pin in Australia - my long-lost evil twin Becky is from New Zealand. But I chose the global picture because we have decided, just now, that one day we will rule the world together. We're still haggling over the hot countries.

  • Confessions of a Corn Fed Girl

    Johi also had me defeated, owning every image on her page too. These rules are a bit rubbish. But she's also Mrs Wag the Dad, a real gosh darn it beauty pageant winner, and so the rules do not apply in any scenario during her reign. Here she is in all her domestic goddess-ness... No-one but a Queen rocks green like that. Church.

  • It’s so FUZZY!

    LLAMA!!!!! Jaime's a funny woman who despite a punishing schedule finds time to be equally one part funny, one part deep. Plus she can hold her own in a Twitter exchange of science nerd jokes. I hope she'll appreciate the randomness of a LLAMA!!!!

  • JodyNeilRuth

    Jody had this sewn up too, but since he's a local lad and a friend it gave me an excuse to slip in this great shot he took. It's a wonderful juxtaposition to Jody's normal surroundings of broken women, wassailing and carousing, and Hunter S. Thompson-esque journalism.

  • Misty’s Laws

    You need to be VERY careful how you enter this into Google, although I am now aware of the existence of a porn star called Misty Laws. This is a British student gig protesting cuts in student grant money. I like the fact that Misty is on a Big Adventure, with a Scumbag Philosopher. Only on Google...

  • Oh Rachael!

    Finally, an easy one!! The image was perfect, sweet and sharp just like this blog!!

  • PovertyandDeath

    Brilliant!! This is my cat, Fred. I have no idea why he comes up when I Google Margarita's brilliant blog, but I love this shot. It's a bit like being caught in Margarita's sights - you get the impression that the moment you take your eye off of them, you're toast.

  • RADventures

    Roy was responsible for one of my favourite blogging moments, and for me meeting Becky Delport. This image of a bad-ass American chopper fuelled by beer sums up his full throttle laugh-a-minute wit.

  • TazerWarriorPrincess

    Hats off Tazer, this was a fun blog. Go and visit Tazer, people, she's lovely. If you're nice to her and buy her beer she'll hug you and squish you and love you for ever and ever and ever.. And if you mess with her she'll rip your throat out and Youtube it. 🙂

  • The Selvedge Yard

    This is Jon Patrick, the man behind a great example of how awesome a WordPress blog can be. If it's retro, cool, chic or iconic, they'll dust it off and mount it on a pedestal so you can enjoy it in its full glory. Go and check out some of their fabulous archive pictures today. Go on!

  • Wag the Dad

    It was no surprise to also find Shane's hugely popular blog dominating this search, but this one sneaked through the net. I'm in no way implying that Shane is crazy - even though he voluntarily went to live in Austria. But he IS a funny and insightful guy with a lot to say, and who's prepared to discuss it with you. Go and pay the man responsible for Johi's crown a visit.

  • News

    Mmm, coffee and some chocolate cake - or as I like to call it, breakfast. This is also what using WordPress is like when you start blogging - warm, safe and comforting. It's a great platform for bloggers with tons of customisation options - if you're reading and thinking of writing your own blog, I'd recommend checking them out.

  • You Got Sars!

    You've Got Sars, sponsor of my last blog, is uber-cool and insightful, and it was very hard not to link her to pictures of disease, which would have been most unbecoming. Fortunately, pictorial evidence here suggests an exciting new interactive telephonic experience coming soon!! I look forward to chatting with you Sars!!

And so there you have it – my results for the Google search of my gallery of Usual Suspects. These are all people who have amused, inspired and educated me as I found my way in the blogging game, and there will doubtless be more in this vast community. It’s by no means an exclusive club either – if you think your name should be up there, let me know. I’m always willing to network with anyone who interests me. Thank you to Tazer for the inspiration, and to my cast members for their unwilling participation. And for the record, I also Googled myself. Just saying that phrase makes me feel a little dirty inside. Here was my selection.

This was the only image on page one that didn't have Larry David in. My blog's not named after that sketch. If I wanted my blog to be named after a TV sketch, it would be called Dead Parrot. This guy is cornering far too much of the merchandise market. Who'd buy a Social Assassin mug or coaster set?? T-shirts?? I'll send signed photos or locks of hair for the right cash.

PS: If you want to write something similar or do the random word generator, by all means do link here in the comments section or leave your thoughts as usual – it’s always fun talking to you all. And Googling the hell out of you on a first date.


17 comments on “The Usual Suspects

  1. LOL! I cannot believe the dominance, i’ve never searched for my own blog before, this was interesting… I saw that I had put up a picture of my pyjama pants that had cats on it, perhaps a sign of things to come 😦 sad, alone with cat pants and cats


  2. Wait. Misty Laws is a porn star? I honestly had no idea! But that explains A LOT of search terms for my site!! More research needed, obviously.

    Also, “sugar mouse” was what they called me in college. Oh, wait . . . that was sugar TITS. Oops. 🙂


    • Easy mistake to make. Especially in the alcoholic, I’m sorry I meant academic, haze of college. Go prepared if you’re researching the porn star. It ain’t pretty. Bring your shiv.


  3. I think my bro calls me sars because originally it was unique and his own. But I think he giggles just a little that when anyone else called me sars they immediately thought disease!

    I’m only sad that my line isn’t answered by Mortisha Adams.


  4. Man, Misty has all the luck! Surely there are some CornFed Porn Stars out there!!!??? No?
    yeah, probably not.
    Locks of hair, huh? I only offer my fans toenail clippings. Maybe I should step it up a notch.


    • My, er, research assistant informs me that there is a series of porno films called Cornfed Naturals, if that makes you feel any better Johi. As for the toenail clippings you’re limited to ten customers before needing a regrowth – I just need hair. I just made fifty bucks shaving my toes.


    • I deny all knowledge of any watching of the Superbowl, and strongly refute the accusation that I may have imbibed one or two small lagers as well. Not to mention my categorical denial that I know you in any way, shape or form – who are you??

      PS Whoever ‘she’ is, I pity her. Although it makes a pleasant change from finding you stuck up your own arse….. 🙂


  5. Well, I must say: your povertyanddeath picture made me pause 😉 Is your cat ferral perhaps? lol? like me? LOLOL. she wrote something about feral cats back in the day I think……..


    • I thought it summed you up so perfectly Roy!! I can picture you fiting it with a sidecar made from empty beer kegs and upholstered in the skins of your roadkill so you can take your family with you on your Wild Ride!!!


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